Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Because you don't have the time

Seabear: You're Not Strange Enough (Hey, Let's Make Some Mistakes)

You know, you and I
We used to be strangers
But now we are just strange

And I'll fall asleep on your floor
I'll wake up outside of your door
And I'll put you in a stone
Made out of words

Because I can see
You're up to no good
Yeah I can see
You're down to just stacks

And it's warm enough to be cold
And we're young enough to be old

You're not strange enough
You're not strange enough


Anonymous said...

I adore Seabear. I do wish they'd sing in Icelandic from time to time, though.

I'd like to pop my head through a bright white land of ice-blue icebergs.

Dani Chamois said...

Oh hello! I didn't know you were reading this. How nice to see you in these parts ... :)

Me too! It's a brilliant installation/sculpture/whatever you may call it piece of art. :)