Friday, 27 February 2009

NME Awards.

On the whole, the place is a freakshow.
However I award the prize for best heartwarming moment to Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon "hitting" (oh these journalisms) the stage together after ages of strife and enstrangement. Nice one, boys.

And best group-coordinated outfit to the inexhaustible souce of awesome that is Franz Ferdinand.


Thanks for that Alex. <3>

And I give another special award to Robert Smith for looking sweetly like an aging female tobacconist. A sulking, gothic aging female tobacconist.


I could continue by giving away awards for Looking Identical - but I wouldn't know whether to give it to Alex James and Freddie-from-Skins or to Last Shadow Puppets ... or for Worst Outfit Of Your Career, Sorry My Lad to Patrick Wolf (Sorry, my lad!), and so on and so forth.
But I am trying to keep this here blog succinct and sweet, and a pleasure to read.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of gothic, Patrick's increasing lean towards this style lately is, I confess, making me more than a little uncomfortable. On the upside, though, he also seems to be getting even gayer, which is always a plus, always.

Thank God for YouTube. I'd be devastated if I had to miss out on this reunion. You know, I really don't think Graham will ever give up his stripes, which I'm happy for. It provides continuity when time threatens to make it all seem too different. The shot of Alex and Dave was a nice touch, too. I hate that I won't be there for Hyde Park. Damn the Atlantic!

Alessandra said...

alex kapranos is the only ff boy who looks truly great...but the togetherness of those outfits hit me eyes pretty badly, you know!
good lorrd!
alex jams looked and sounded ace...very sweet, too! he exudes sweetness and peace.
as for "the duo" playing together...what can one say...what a moment. init! the rest has all been said by me...elsewhere. hahaha!