Monday, 2 February 2009

Will I sleep tonight?

Having gone through the traumatic experience of watching Dancer in the Dark, I can add to my lists of daily sources of consolation, I'm really happy that I am not Lars von Trier.
I liked the film (although it seems wrong to say that about something so terrible), I think it's a masterpiece, but I just would not like to inhabit the mind that spends its days thinking of stories like this ... or Dogville.
Nevertheless, Björk is amazing, and I'd gladly swap her face for mine, if that was possible. She is adorable, bewildering and impressive at the same time. Wow.


Alessandra said...

1) I've always wanted to watch this and haven't yet. Silly me.

2) Is the soundtrack as great as the single that came out for it?

3) I hope you are joking about bjork's face. Yes, it is a nice face AT TIMES...depends on the lights, her expressions, the angles, lots of contraire, yours is always amazing...and far more beautiul than hers. I cannot beliiiieve you think she's more beautiful! You have marvellous bambi eyes I envy so much, a lovely complexion,a lovely mouth and sweet have nothing to swap with anybody! And no, I am not saying this cos I am your friend. I am objective...and if I didn't think what I said I would shut up, I would say!

Sleep well, Bambi. :) x

Dani Chamois said...

You should. But maybe not alone, and maybe not when in an emotionally unstable state. The film is pretty devastating. I had expected nothing like this.
The soundtrack is indeed wonderful!

Well you know me ... I don't think I will ever accept myself like I am. And I constantly see pretty things that I like, and then I want them, faces are no exception. I've always had this, even as a little kid. When I watched a film, and liked it, I wanted to be the hero. Anything but myself! Not that I hate(d) myself, but the exotic, and unfamiliar is always so much more attractive.

Alessandra said...

hehehe I was - and still am - like that. It's not being envious of whoever you's like...admiring and feeling bad about oneself. I want Svetlana Zakharova's body, for example. hehehe errr aow :( or Sylvie Guillem's! And some gifts and talents and brains...
So, I do understand you...also because I don't accept myself or like myself much...but you have no reason to feel that way. it is silly of me to say this, I know you won't believe me anyway...but I do want you to know what people think of you from the outside :)

Anonymous said...

Hm. Es gibt so Filme, die sind extrem gut aber man kann sie sich nicht öfters anschauen, weil sie so schrecklich sind. Breaking the Waves ist auch so erschütternd. Ich bin zu zartbesaitet fü sowas...