Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Eighties Dance Music ???

Celebrations - Club 2 is back at the B72 every first Monday of the month. It's hard to even express how happy this makes me.

Our musical project will probably soon attempt to play this song:

Oh my God, the eighties. This is such a ridiculous video. I watched it with Eva & Lisa yesterday and we were wondering to what extent people were serious about this sort of ... er, aesthetics. I mean, there are many videos now that are in a similar vein but they're all tongue-in-cheek to the n-th power. Of course, the rule book for the 21st century states that you can't be truly bad if you're not serious. Hence no one is serious, because no one is self-confident enough - apart from maybe Muse and other complete dickheads. Most of them turn out looking completely ridiculous as a result. Oh the sweet irony.

And here's another video to be filed under "fabulously eighties". Alright, it's not really a video, but just listen to the song!

I love this song. They should play it at the club. I would!
The best line has to be ... "I'm so afraid I'll lose you, if I can't seduce you." Precious.

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