Thursday, 29 May 2008

Humble verging on Absurd.

"If the human mind were simple enough for us to understand,
we would be too simple-minded to understand it."

This sentence is the introductory quote to a website on Neurocognitive Linguistics. I always like it when scholars are aware of the futility of their endeavours.

Inbetween my own futile academic endeavours, I have found, or should I say, stolen me the time to listen into Lightspeed Champion which effected a very pleasant aha experience, as I had not expected that sort of music and lyrical prowess (well) from a former Test Icicle. That being said, I have to admit that I never actively listened to the Test Icicles, so my idea of their music was based entirely on an untested prejudice, founded on the name and the overwhelming presence of the colour neon pink in their artwork. But, compared to the arty-farty weaky-geeky image of himself that Dev Hynes still trumpets out into the world in a rather ostentatious manner (or so it seems), the music is refreshingly unpretentious and meanders along Saddle Creek style in Tilly & The Wall tapdance shoes. With girl-sung country choruses and backy vocals.
What really got me however - although I haven't really listened in depth yet - are the lyrics. Especially, I fell in love with All My Friends Are Listening To Crunk, which is richly furnished with a Maccabees-like view of romance and (sad) young love. Perhaps they're not really that special, the lyrics. I can just sorta relate to the sentiment. And that sort of thing gets me every time.

(I should not look at too many pictures
of that myspace gaze peeking out from under that
NME hair.
Red ukulele, however - very nice.)

My drawings are starting to suck
My best friends are all listening to crunk
I feel like the world`s cone crazy
Sometimes, in the cold night
My phone rings, but it`s not you
And even, when the buzzer to my pager rings
still not you
A stranger on the night bus
With a checked coat, is not you
And in one hand, hold me so close
But deep down, it's not you

PS: When will Emmy the Great FINALLY release an album?

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