Friday, 9 May 2008

I should've known that you didn't have the time my dear.

If there was one category of place where I'd have to spend the rest of my life, it would be on a rural railway platform, in the sunshine. There's just something about these platforms that instantly puts me in a mood that sometimes comes close to serene.
Maybe it is the fact, that when you're waiting on a railway platform, you're usually expecting to go somewhere - and going somewhere is almost always a good feeling (considering, that, of course, happiness lurks wherever you are not) ... and the time spent on the platform is a short break, a breather, a pause that doesn't make you feel bad about pausing, because you know that very soon, you'll be on your way. It's this reassuring impression of surrendering everything to a higher power - even though it be something as unreliable as public transport - not being responsible for what happens & still not having to expect a catastrophe. It's good that you can sometimes do this - let go of the strings - in as harmless a context as travelling into the country on a Friday afternoon, because normally the neurotic need for being in control and simultaneous frustration at not being able to control anything is strong enough.

I took a train out of the city to seek some solitude and escape the loneliness.

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