Friday, 2 May 2008

Thoughts that happen to me on laundry days.

Listen to Bunny Gamer by Xiu Xiu.

"It's silly likening this thing (the name of which I dare not speak) to a lamp that you can switch on and off even in joke. It's more like a noise that is impossible to switch off or even turn down. All you can try to do is drown it in more noise and different sounds and maybe get headphones. But as soon as all the other noises die down, there it'll be again. Like a never-ending tinnitus - in your head, but spreading fast through the body."

"But tights are just tights, no matter what happened on the day I last wore them. I can wear them again without anything devastating happening to my heart. I should stitch the little hole above the knee, because nobody but me will remember that it has been the subject of a conversation. And I should really stop inventing a sentimental value for every object and all the pavements, buildings and trees. Considering the miles we walked, we sowed memories all over town. More memories than a single person can reap in a hundred lonely nights."

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