Saturday, 10 May 2008

Yailbird for your music

I've just ordered this CD for my birthday. (Yes, I do this sad thing that is buying my own presents with my mother's money). The main reason why it caught my attention is that its artwork is apparently based on the same gift wrapping paper that one of my favourite diaries ever was bound in:

This diary had pages in different shades of blue and I wrote in it during one of the most romantically transfigured phases of my life (January - August 2005), when I idolised the Libertines & decorated my life with tea stains and cigarette burns. I sometimes miss the naivety I had back then, because it enabled me to see & believe beauty, where now I can only relativise and cynicise.

As to Get Well Soon: I listened to some of the tracks on myspace and the music sounds nice. Not completely mindblowing, but we'll see how much it grows on me.

I also ordered the 2 Joanna Newsom albums & the Ys Street Band EP on Vinyl (major obsession), the vinyl single of The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth & Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death by Felt & The Glasgow School by Orange Juice.
Buying CDs is another thing that makes me feel accomplished. Be still my heart. <3

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