Sunday, 7 December 2008


For the last two days we've turned our rehearsal room into a little makeshift recording studio. Four songs were recorded, and these (rather crappy) photos were shot:

Matthi is fledging already!

Once more with feeling ...

Gregor. Tuning. As per.

Martin, a.k.a. the Wizard of Sounds.

We have cake, and a gallows.

I am sure that it is a violation of human rights to take photos of someone while they're playing a wind instrument.

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Alessandra said...

hahahaha! yes, it could be a violation of uman rights!!
i can understand the embarassment but the pic is cute, no worries about it.
I sooo wish I could be a member of a band and rehearse....aaah la jalousie!

I must write you a long message...I will do...I must ask you for your home address again, as well...will you give it to me? I want to send something :)