Friday, 19 December 2008

Throw girl scouts at ticket touts. That way both parties suffer.

If I had one wish
I would invert all the colours
just for one day.

I just gave 35€ to an arsehole, just like that.
But, wtf! No regrets!


Alessandra said...

hahaha what did you buy??

If I had just one wish, I would enter the mind of a boy...but it might as well be useless, cos he might as well be as confused as me as to what his path of thinking is.


Dani Chamois said...

Concert tickets. A small festival in January ... I mainly did this because it features Franz Ferdinand, and also because I'm peer-pressured to go.

I'm eager to know more about the boy-story. New developments?

Alessandra said...

aaah I see...excellnt! go, go! i missed them in milan in november...I couldn't really attend! Being forced to select events is CRAP when you have to keep out some you really want to see...ff PLUS jennifer gentle supporting. AAAAARGHHH!

'twas sold out anyway. :(

I knew about ff since september...but the announcement concerning jg was relativey recent.

as for boy...boy oh boy haha...developments? depends...negative, yes hahahaha err...ffffffff. uffff. I think I will have to write a long letter to you these days...accompanying what I have not sent yet. Sorry for being late....but you, too, will get a late xmas pressie from me, it seems...:( i wanted it to arrive on time but business did not allow it!

forgive me.

Dani Chamois said...

Good gracious me! Franz Ferdinand AND Jennifer Gentle, that's madness! Pure madness! I wanna see JG eventually ... but I always miss them. Maybe I'll come to Italy especially for them, at one point. Of course, it'd never be only especially for them! :)

Shame about the negative developments. :( I'm burning to know all, though. Feel free to spill your heart, guts and brains onto me patient cryonable shoulder. Via letter, for lack of any possibility of actual physical shoulder be-crying.

Alessandra said...

Ah you're too kind and generous.
Cheers, trusted shoulder hehe.
It won't be one of those letters that see one part offending the other, spitting venom and insults with the speed of a propulsor, no...I am not that type of person and I don't want to be. Plus, I am not angry at the person...who has been honest...I am angry at situational aspects and other things but not at could I? He's a good one.
Still....I cannot be happy, can I? heh