Monday, 8 December 2008

See you at the mindreaders ball.


All I want for Christmas is a pink or yellow colander. Actually this is not true, I would rather prefer if people didn't give me kitchen supplies. I respect kitchen supplies, but they're somewhat unromantic.

The most romantic thing I can think of, at the moment, is being snowed in. If I was snowed in, though, I'd rather have a large cured hind leg of pork in the house.

Almost unrelatedly, don't you just love how xkcd crawls into your head, all? No? Just me then?


Alessandra said...

A pink colander is GAY. A blue one or a yellow one would do, I suppose. hmmm yeah. The one you've just posted looks nice.

Pray tell, what is xkcd?? I fear it is something I am supposed to know...but obviously do not know. Actually, there is another option. I might know what it is but not the acronym for it. Which is equally embarassing.

Dani Chamois said...

xkcd is a webcomic that I love to read, even though I some of the jokes tend to go over my head, at least without googling, half of the time. Check it out:

Alessandra said...

I will do...once my brain gets depolluted. I don't know whether that will ever happen, really. Maybe it will, in a while.
I feel like I waste my life, dani. I really do, sometimes. Oh well.