Monday, 15 December 2008

Significant. Other.


Alessandra said...

significant other way to suffer and get confused over other people's unspoken and messed up hearts and souls....with serious communication problems.

love is useless.

work rules.

Dani Chamois said...

you. are. my. hero!


Alessandra said...

I shouldn't be, really...I wouldn't want anyone to think what I think about love (moreover, what is it that I think about love, exactly? I don't know)...people should be fine with it...and's just that, like I wrote the other day on another blog entry of yours, love is not for everyone, in my opinion...some of us are destined to be alone, I believe.

I don't want you to be destined to be alone.

Still, being alone is not all negative at all. Sadly, I have no time to go back to my usual musings over the matter, which you know so style and, above all, content...but I will, later, if you want me to. You know it all, really, hehe. The advantages of being regularly in touch for years, eh! ;)

Personally, thinking about my future right now is both scary and bloody distracts me from other things