Thursday, 25 December 2008

Paper and Death

I am here in the festive exile that is my parents' house. It's actually not very festive at all. Somehow I'm not feeling it very much this year, and I am much too neurotic to feel peaceful. However, it's quite a pleasant neurosis, if there is such a thing.
So here's my brother playing Adeste Fideles on his bass, and I'm sitting in my room trying not to fall asleep over Kafka, or considering if I really want to watch Lord of the Rings (it's such a Christmassy thing to do). And all the while I'm going pleasantly mad inside.

Anyway let's have some pictures.

Me. Wearing the lovely scarf I got from Irina and Lisa. (It's got foxes on!)

One of the strangest (but coolest) presents I ever got. From Eva. Piggy.

The bed that I will purchase on Saturday, with the money my parents gave me.

Shame that I cannot afford all the complicated accessories that make it worthwhile. (Which is something I actually said to my parents last night. Naturally I was referring to sheets and pillows. Err.)

What an odd entry.


Alessandra said...

the scarf is lovely indeed!

I've seen a polka dotted expensive one by paul smith, you know...I want it soo bad :( dunno if I'll be able to get it, though...I'm about to face several expenses fo applications and stuff...ouch!

the, I think is the word. exo! hahaha

as for the bed saga / dialogue....hahahahahahahha!!!! you're my idol, dani

happy boxing day! :)

what are you up to?

Anonymous said...

Und, wie liegt es sich?

Ich find ja 140cm sind perfekt. Mehr ist auch für zwei Personen viel zu groß... Nur für Menschen, die das Bett teilen und sich nicht mögen...

Wann kaufst du dir denn die Bettwäsche? Darf ich mitkommen?