Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kevin, Hidden Topshop Model

Eva says, this is true friendship:

I say, friendship's got nothing to do with it. :)
In fact, it's sort of an unforgivable offense that it looks better on him than it ever will on me.

The dress costs as much as the tickets for the blur gig.
I am, somehow, sublty, nearing a nervous breakdown.


Alessandra said...

will you ever stop underestimating yourself????


Dani Chamois said...

never! :D

Alessandra said...


oooh on a completely unrelated note...dani! Pattinson said he likes crazy women!! I might have a chance with him if he bypasses the physical aspect (err...let's pretend he would do so, even if i doubt he would!)!!!!!!!!
ooooooh *blushes*