Friday, 26 December 2008

Snakes and Ladders.

(I'm clearly a genius.)


Alessandra said...


course you are!!!

anyways, compliments can be like cream on top of a warm slice of pandoro at christmas might overdose. so i stop it now. you've had enough of can only ave some more when easter comes and ONLY if you've been good. Ok, kid? ok.

(hahahaha ;) joke of course!)

Dani Chamois said...

haha yes of course. i must not get any more.

i'm really being pampered today.
because everyone is being really nice to me. friends ... other friends. friends of special significance. i don't deserve it. and what's more, i shall miss it terrible when it's gone. so no good to have it really.
still, bloody nice.

huge bundle of confusion, me, as you can easily tell.

Alessandra said...

you DO deserve it. Don't ever think you don't.

Yes, I know what you mean when you say you'll miss it when it's gone...I generally get that at birthday much unexpected love! It shows you that people really care about you...even when and if they don't show it as much as we would like them to...even if they don't show it on a regular basis...all that matters is that they are around...somehow...especially when it matters...and that they think of us. It's a lesson of tolerance, in a way...and mutual understanding and changing perspectives over one's own needs...this is what I have figured out with time. :)
The trick in life is not being too pretentious....because a) it makes us suffer and b) it is unfair to the ones we say we love

People show up when you least expect them to...which, even if it doesn't fully satisfy natures like our own, is frikkin' nice and excellent all the same...init! :)